Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Captial One 360 Online Banking: The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread!

After several days of shopping around for a new savings/checking account, I discovered Capital One 360.  I was already familiar with their products but had my eyes dead set on an account with Ally Bank.  Needless to say, I applied online with Ally and was advised to call in to complete the application.  The website and representative I spoke with both stated that this was a normal procedure to have a customer call in, as they operate online only and have to "identify" their potential customers.  The representative asked a few basic questions and informed me that I would received a letter in the mail with instructions to send in a copy of my driver's license or my Social Security Card.  Three to four days since that call I have heard nothing from Ally.  To be an online institution, one would think the process could have been handled in an electronic and more expeditious manner.  However, I moved on to Capital One 360 which provided an interest rate of .75 percent with their accounts, similar to Ally.  I applied online and was instructed to call the company to complete the application.  I performed this simple task and minutes later, my account was set up.  Capital One 360  allowed me to open several other accounts of which can be nicknamed, such as a "Rainy Day Fund" account or "Vacation" account,  all of which requires no start up or minimum deposit.  You are also able to add up to twenty different accounts on your own with the simply click of a button.  No call in or traditional minimum deposits are required.  In addition, there are no overdraft or monthly maintenance fees associated with these accounts. At setup, you will have to go through the process of verifying your current bank account, which is to ensure your external accounts used are accurate.  Bottom line, if you are in the market for a hassle-free, no nonsense type of checking, savings, investing or money market account, make sure you check out Capital One 360.  To start the process or just browse around for additional information here's a link to the site:

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